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Submit Button & Time issues

Mar 8, 2015, 8:41 AM 0

Hi all, Im blogging because im having a problem playing 3|0 min games on my iphone. Before, i was using the submit button and now i cant do that due to taking too much time up and if i take the submit button off, its a fair game on time but the game can end due to permanent piece placement unintentionally and that ruins the chess experience for me, due to its not like real life chess that wouldnt happen. I dont want to stop playing chess but this has become a problem 1|0 is too fast for iphone and 5|0-15|0 is just took long for chess in my current stance. If anyone does read this i hope things can change for the better on the site im sure many have this problem. Maybe have a double tap for a "submit button" when playing on phone. one tap grab piece, second tap place, third tap secure. idk just me thinking and being annoyed. Thanks chess.com

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