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World Chess Federation sends cease and desist to Apple Itunes

Feb 27, 2014, 10:42 AM 1

World Chess Federation, Inc, owner of US Federal Trademark number 3695083 which includes the exclusive rights since 1992 to call their champions "The World Chess Champion" hjave advised Apple I Tunes Company they are in violation of trademark law in conjunction with their Play Magnus ap. Apple has been advised that  Magnus Carlsen is ONLY FIDE chess champion and is not "World Chess Champion" as FIDE since 1992 has not owned the rights to such title which were transferred by FIDE President Campomanes legally to Bobby Fischer prior to the WCF "The World Chess Championship" held in Serbia and Montenegro. Until the FIDE champion defeats the WCF champion in a first to 11 wins WCF sanctioned title match he is not allowed to violate trademark law nor is Apple ITunes

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