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Why Having Divorced Parents and a Deadbeat DadSucks

Feb 24, 2015, 10:23 AM 2

Ever remember being able to have parent input on two subjects? Like, when you know that one parent might be stricter on one thing then you strategicall yapproach the other to get the response you want? Gone. That is just a minuscule reason why having divorced parents and a deadbeat dad sucks. The funny thing is, it doesn't even hit you in the big moments. It doesn't hit you when there's a school event and only one parent is there. It doesn't hit you when your mom's bringing different men home and you're all going out as a family. It doesn't hit you when your mom drops your last surname. No, it hits you when you're eating salad at home and remember how your dad used to eat it everyday and stink up the whole house with the smell of onions and garlic. And how you found it so annoying. It hits you when your mother starts making choices on her own, some your dad could have changed or sorted out, and some influenced by her boyfriend. It hits you when you see a really funny move you all used to watch together, and all the funny lines youa ll made fun of and joked about. This is because the little things we're supposed to enjoy, the little things everyone says are so important, are also the things that hurt us the most. I don't know why it is this way. But all I can vouch for it sucks. Because the little things are so detail oriented that sometimes it's hard for anyone to relate. But I hope someone else out there understands, at least the little things. And maybe answer some questions too. Like, why dooes all the pain explode on you in a moment that isn't supposed to be so bad? Why does ut hurt more

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