How to Win at Chess

How to Win at Chess

Jul 14, 2017, 12:21 PM |

How to Win at Chess

If you are an amateur or just starting, rest assured that the art of mastering a chess game is not a day’s task. It takes several years of endless practice to be a pro chess player. However, there are a few tips and tricks you must learn and apply from your very first game to increase the possibilities of winning almost every other game if not ever game. 

In this article, we have shared a few elaborative steps to apply if you truly wish to show off your skills. To learn how to win at chess, you need to include these in your game plan:

Winning Strategy Number 1:

To win a chess game, you must learn how to make strong, effective opening moves. The main aim of your game should be to control the center board as early as your first move. 

Winning Strategy Number 2:

Castle early! Rookie players often ignore to castle their king in the rush to pick their opponent’s pawns and hence put the king in danger. 

Winning Strategy Number 3:

Think one step (or ten) ahead at all times. Though it will take some time for you to develop the farsightedness, you should always be prepared for your opponent’s next move in response to your move. Try to estimate at least 3 moves ahead which will almost always win you the game.

Winning Strategy Number 4:

Learn how to pin – threatening to attack your opponent’s piece which cannot move without exposing a more valuable piece, fork – threatening to attack more than one of your opponent’s valuable pieces, and skewer – just like �pin’ with the only difference that you attack the more valuable piece first and then the lesser valuable one. 

Winning Strategy Number 5:

Amongst all the pieces of your chess game, the King is the most important and you need to make sure that it is always guarded. Losing your King is losing the game. Every piece in the game has points linked to it which implies that you cannot easily risk the high valued pieces. For example, while the pawns and knights are 1 and 3 points, respectively, the rook and the queen are 5 and 9 points each, respectively. 

Winning Strategy Number 6:

Play with your opponent’s mind and not just his pieces. Make moves that in turn force your opponent to make silly, hasty moves. Try to check his king as many times in the game as it keeps him on his toes and you in control of the board.

There numerous such strategies and advice that you would find when trying to learn how to win at chess, however, it is important that you read and watch such historical chess games played by the Grandmasters of Chess. Don’t try to copy the moves but understand them first. Once you have learned the basic tactics, it is only a matter of fact before you start to be known for your smooth skills.

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