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Chess Puzzle Lessons

Chess Puzzle Lessons

Oct 22, 2012, 5:27 AM 3

Hello everyone, 

In an attempt to make the chess-teaching market more efficient, I offer online lessons focusing on analyzing ideas found in chess compositions as a way to sharpen a player's creativity. Through a selected set of problems (two-movers, three-movers, studies etc.), I discuss unusual middlegame and endgame ideas to help the student broaden her or his candidate move horizon. I specialize in unorthodox endgames and middle-game tactical motives. If you believe you are having trouble in complex positions of all kinds, you may want to let me point out a few things for you based on your game analysis followed by an accurate puzzle selection as a remedy.

I am an International Master from Poland, my FIDE is 2484, USCF 2550, Solving Chess Problems rating 2434. Contact me at jacek_stopa@hotmail.com for more details if you would like to give a try to this new approach of learning about the game. 



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