Chess as a Sport

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Hey everybody! 

Our local chess enthusiast and chess supporter Rex Sinquefield, founder of the Chess Club and Scholastic Center Saint Louis and recently the World Chess Hall of Fame has pushed the debate on Chess as a sport to our state! 

Rex will be inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame and a debate has started on our local zine's site debating chess as a sport.

I believe it is a sport and requires mental physical dexterity. Time control adds a demanding element of speed and co-ordination to the game and I vote for it as a sport everytime. Have you ever seen world class players blitz it out in the final moments of the game? Have you ever suffered the physical toll of a 2 day tournament? I think a large part of the problem is this idea that our mind's, our brains and intellect are some how disconnected from the body, separate beings. Thinking is physical, is the brain a muscle? Maybe.

If you want to add you thoughts to the debate post a comment here or visit

and let 'em know your thoughts! 

I for one am excited to see Chess recognized as a sport and appreciate Rex's incredible efforts to bring chess to our city, our schools and our homes!