Hanging out at the 2010 US Championship - Photos by Sean Trani

Hanging out at the 2010 US Championship - Photos by Sean Trani

May 19, 2010, 11:13 AM |

Photos by Sean Trani


So this year is kind of bittersweet for me regarding the 2010 US Chess Championship. I've been away on holiday for the opening ceremonies and the first 3 rounds. The internet connection on the beach was so bad I would be sitting on the beach house deck with my cell phone waving around at the Sun trying to pick up the twitter feed ( @CCSCSL). People tend to look at you funny while you're doing that. 

Since returning on Monday, I've spent my afternoons at the club watching the results come in and enjoying the live commentary. 

Last year I had the amazing opportunity to work on both the US Chess Championship and the US Women's Championship. This year I am not working on the media and distribution but I am getting to hang out as a fan. I have always enjoyed writing about the tournaments for Chess.com but work is super busy right now and I can't spend all day at the club following it for you guys. 

The CCSCSL team works really hard for months and months before the championship to pull off an amazing experience for not only the players, but the fans, club members and the international audience. 

They have really picked it up a notch this year, the club is beautiful as ever, the playing field is insanely strong and filled with incredibly talented players. And the new media set up by Chess.fm and Spectrum Studios (http://gospectrumstudios.com/) is beyond incredible. Spectrum Studios, lead by Randy Sinquefield, have created a really professional media experience for the commentary. With an offsite location for the daily video updates, and the conversion of the lecture room into a beautiful set this is the most professional event coverage in the event's history. FM Mike Klein is writing really comprehensive daily reviews which are being posted to the news section. IM Greg Shahade is handling the twitter feed. 

Streaming video is available of board 1 and a lot of GM's are making their way down to talk to the audience and online viewers. 

As a chess fan it's incredible. I have really enjoyed seeing Kamsky, Nakamura, Krush, Kraii, and Kaidenov come down and give their perspectives on games. It's a very engaging experience and I hope you all can one day make the trip to this place. The players are always reluctant to reveal tournament strategies but they look excited or pensive depending on their results. Personally I award GM Onishuck for best dressed player. That guy knows how to wear a suit!

Anyway, you won't see any videos from me this time around but I'll be sneaking around taking some photos with my office's new Canon 5D, (holycowawesome camera). Yesterday I brought it along with a wide angle lens and took some pics. Hope you enjoy! 

And remember you can follow all the action live at www.uschesschamps.com as well as right here on Chess.com/tv. 

Left to Right: Onischuk, Akobian, Strupinsky, Yermolinksy, Ehlvest, Kraai


Shulman on Board 1.


Nakaumra (sporting his new Cardinals Hat) Shulman, Shahade, Ashley 

Kraai entering the commentary room after defeating Ehlvest. 

Robson and Shankland observing in the commentary room. (My favorite photo from today) 

Ben Fiengold beating Altounian.