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Workin' on the Chess Media

Workin' on the Chess Media

Oct 13, 2009, 9:26 PM 6

What a week! I've been really lucky to work with the media team covering the US Chess Championship, last May, and recently the 2009 U.S. Women's Championship which just finished today. Here are some of the videos I got to make/help make/produce/ etc, while hanging out at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center. 

Anyway, the CCSCSL is a block away from my apartment in a great neighborhood that's only been made better by the opening of the club. I've had some really fantastic opportunities to meet America's best chess players. 

It's been really great meeting chess players from all over the world thanks to Chess.com but seeing GM's and IM's play in person is always amazing. 

When you think about the iconic nature of chess, from the boards, to pieces, to the poses of players, recorded on film for a hundred years, it really is an easy gig. I love this work, meeting the players, making these videos, learning more about the game. 

From my limited experience there are not that many full time Chess media developers, while there are many writers, there are few full time media developers. It's awesome to watch Macauley and Jennifer Shahde work for the Chess.fm team. I think their efforts for coverage of this world are laying the ground work for the future coverage of chess. 

Anyhoo. Here are videos I've produced, or participated in producing for the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis this year. Videos spanning the highest level of chess competitors in the U.S. The first couple are video shorts from the recent Women's tournament, and the rest are from the U.S. Chess Championship held last May. 

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