NM Tantrum.

Dec 23, 2012, 6:27 PM |

The conversation below occured today from an NM who went into the tournament with a chip on his shoulder. Whether his opponent was using an engine or not; this type of reaction can only be found in a mindset of a three year old. 


Other players have stated this isn't the first time this titled player lost it, apparently it happens quite often. 


This is unfortunate, chess.com treats their titled players as gold; they attract customers, but they can also be bratty and diva-esque, as seen below.


EDIT: here is the link to the cry baby's profile: http://www.chess.com/members/view/FLchessplayer 



NM FLchessplayer: another cheater

mashi_: who?

NM FLchessplayer: yet another cheater

NM FLchessplayer: mikety

mashi_: he doesn't have a perfect record though.

NM FLchessplayer: He cheated here idiot.

NM FLchessplayer: His last 10-15 moves match Fritz 12.

mashi_: I don't know how chess engines play.

Guavaguy: lol you lost so he cheated

Guavaguy: nice

NM FLchessplayer: BS

Guavaguy: You sacrificed FL

Guavaguy: and it wasn't sound

Guavaguy: so you lost

NM FLchessplayer: Perfect match to Fritz 12

Guavaguy: look how many pieces you were down

Guavaguy: you're kidding

NM FLchessplayer: Fritz his moves DUMBA**

Guavaguy: cry me a river that was a rudimentary win of a won position

NM FLchessplayer: stupid AH

Guavaguy: bandage your ego somewhere else

mashi_: XD

NM FLchessplayer: Eat ___ and die, jerk.

Guavaguy: I could beat you in that position LOL

Guavaguy: oh real mature

Guavaguy: you're an NM not a 6 year old

NM FLchessplayer: You are probably a cheater too.

Guavaguy: really

Guavaguy: Ya ys

Guavaguy: ya ys

Guavaguy: bah

Guavaguy: you really are quite mature FL

NM FLchessplayer: If you defend him, it means you use an engine as well.

NM FLchessplayer: b;locked

NM FLchessplayer: loser

NM FLchessplayer: Eventually, my time will expire.

NM FLchessplayer: IF you really belive every 1200 beats a master, then you are an idiot and a liar too.