Why not to exchange pawns

Jul 24, 2010, 8:18 PM |

Hello guys,hope everything is fine.We certainly see a many situation when we can trade pawn(mostly in the middle games) but we don't,the question is why?

I'm playing the chess here for some time and now I can realise that a pawn sometime take so vital role that the opponent finds himself in a trapped position and he have to drop his big guys.Exchanging pawn leaves the field too much open and important blocks becomes unoccupied.But if U keep the pawns alive U can use them firstly to block opponents entry into your side and leaving very less space for your opponent to play.Also U don't have much space left but U cam play with stability now.

The most interesting thing here happens is that both put pressure on each other and the certain result is that one silly mistake and the game is gone.This helps us to construct our nerves and gives us maturity,hits the brain-box and amazing tactics come out slowly.I didn't think of having more fun playing a open game.

The exchange is sometime used by the opponent to break into your blocks.Try to restrict this.

Enjoy playing chess and commenting here.Have a good day.