Writing an Article: Top Mistakes

Feb 23, 2017, 7:28 AM |

In spite of the fact that there are many posts on the Internet about article writing, it is difficult to write articles well. For instance, to learn article writing you should go through a ton of Web sources and “how to” guides. Therefore, I’ve brought together all the mistakes of essay writing to help you avoid them in the future while writing an article.


Passive Voice


In most cases, it is better to put your verbs in the active position rather than in the passive. When using the passive voice, you create a situation in which your subject receives an action. Contrarily, active voice creates a situation when your subject performs an action. Try to avoid using passive voice because it looks too wordy and enmeshed. Also, active voice makes your sentences look clear and brief. In order to change your sentences’ structure, define who is performing an action in your sentence, and use it as the subject in your sentence. So, while making your post, make sure you put your verbs into an active position, not into passive voice.



Typos are the most widespread mistakes in every article. These mistakes can be easily fixed. All you need to do is just triple check everything. If possible, you should give your article to someone to proofread it.

Forgetting About the Main Goal

If you do not have a clear understanding of what you want to write, or what is the main goal of your article in relation to your target readers, your post will be misguided. In such a situation, you’ll start to talk about one thing then you will jump to another, and finally, you’ll stop doing something. Therefore, do not take any measures if you cannot define the main goal of your article and its target audience.

Too Many Words

Distinct writing is the key to making a successful article. The wordiness of your article confuses your reader and confuses your thoughts. Your article should be as precise as it is possible. The article should not include useless words and sentences. This doesn’t mean you should make all your sentences short or avoid all detailed information. However, every word should mean something. From the moment you start searching for words to cut, you will find out you can cut many of them without an attrition of meaning.


Overuse of the Apostrophe


Most writers are often overusing apostrophe. The main thing here is simple: you should use the apostrophe in order to indicate possession, not a plural. However, don’t be upset because of this. You just need to pay more attention to apostrophe rules and learn the exceptions of the apostrophe.

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