On the way to ELO 1400

On the way to ELO 1400

Oct 12, 2017, 11:13 PM |


In this article we will talk about issues that are important for the players who want to achive ELO 1400. On this stage players make less blunders but still missing game plan. They have less experience and theoretical knowledge about chess. It is practically impossible to achieve ELO 1400 without proper knowledge of THEORY and RIGHT ATTITUDE!


Here I will give you few simple principles, that are important to achieve your goal:


RULE#1: Finish Development

If you want to grow as a player and learn to play as the professionals do, you have to develop your pieces and then start thinking about attack.

 The main problem is that players rush to attack and they do it from the disadvantage position. When pieces are not fully developed you are trying to win the war with half of the ''armed forces''. It was easy to do it against beginners below 1200, but it will be difficult to checkmate opponent in 20 move.


RULE #2: Be Patient in Middle Game

Remember there are three type of moves: Good moves, Best Moves and Prophylactic moves.

  • Good moves that take space and win the tempo for you.
  • Best moves always involve some tactical tricks.
  • Prophylactic moves prevent any potential threats from your opponetnt.



RULE #3 Good moves are platform for Best Moves.

Best moves are tactical tricks, with them you will win material, or gain the significant advantage.

Once you identify weakness push and increase pressure on the weak piece or side.

Usually one blunder can change the situation drammaticly.


Doing this will complitely change the way you play and will bring you to the next level in chess.


Please Note: playing tired and sleepy will affect your performace. Do not play from the disadvantage position.