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I'm 49 years old and have been playing chess on and off since I can remember, but always as a social game, never competitively.  I played around with some computer games, but never really concentrated on getting better.  I've never read a book on chess, never studied openings, etc.I guess I could be categorized as an amatuer social chess player.  

Now I've got some time on my hands, and I really want to learn the game, and try to improve.  I had an account on here about a year ago, and got way too much into it, joined about 10 tournaments, and suddenly had over 200 online games going at once.  Way too much!  So I burned out, and now I'm just getting into it slowly again.

I'm going through the study plans slowy.  I'm playing 6 online games at a time, 5 regular chess, 1 960 chess, just to learn it too.

Now since I've been back on here, I think I've won my first 5 games, my rating is over 1400.  I think this is a bit high because I still make stupid mistakes, but I figure after 50 games that will be a baseline from which I can see my improvement.  

The study plan I am looking at says to play at least 2 live games a day, which I have been.  Now the point of this post, after this long introduction.

Why do I suck at timed live chess so much, as opposed to the correspondence chess where I'm doing so well.  My live chess rating for 15 minute games is <800.  My correspondence chess rating is >1400.  That's a huge huge difference.  Obviously that timer is bothering me some how some way.

Has anybody else ever been in my shoes?  What are other's thoughts about this?

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    I have found watching chess trap videos on you tube helped me get a little better.

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      I order to have a more level rating between 'Live' and 'Online', you need to speed up your online play, and add a few more blunders, thats what I do.

      Seriously tho, I am around 1600 online, 1200 blitz, and about 1000 at bullet. The faster styles require a practice specific to each style, from working with known openings (I will keep to Q gambit 'til I learn it, so another 1000 games or so), to setting up your auto move for premoves, auto promotion, and even having your mouse moving well.  If you work at a specific time, and try to use all your time but no more, I think your rating should more closly reflect your online rating.

    Don't pay too much attention to ratings 'til you break 2500, and have fun!

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