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How uncool am I

Dec 3, 2012, 11:30 AM 17

First, my world does not involve music, wow, eyebrows go up but realy, music does nothing for me and yet my brother is in a band and my mom plays several intruments. I cant help it, i cant hum a tune. I go to clubs and attempt to dance but i know it doesnt look right, just dont have rythm. Now thats un cool. I dont smoke anything, i did try when i was at uni, it nearly choked me and i have never done it since. I dont have or like tattoo's i think that is considered un cool. I dont twitter, i have tried but i find it boring and i closed my face book account, i dont need to know what people had for breakfast etc. Now that is realy un cool. I will leave sex out of my blog, draw what conclusion you like about that. Now, i enjoy f1 motor racing, chess, naturism, and rugby. I suspect that is not cool. Im married, that can also be a bit stuffy in some minds. So, meet the most boring, un cool girl, BUT I AM HAPPY THE WAY I AM

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