Perverts on Chess.Com

May 2, 2014, 7:36 AM |

A recent blog by a lady member recited a indecent incident, a photo of a male's body was sent to her. This prompted a huge response as expected. Its an unfortunate fact of life that there are some people that enjoy forcing their sexual fantasy on others, males more than females. The internet makes this very easy. 

The thing is, should this be allowed to happen on a chess site ?. The answer is, it cant be prevented. I have been on this site over many years, i have never been sent indecent photos because like most women, i can read the signs of a possible perve and quickly block him. I have had two indecent propsals both which i reported and C.C removed them.

My advice to all lady members is accept in all walks of life, men will hit on you, even when you are driving, harden up and block them then report them. These men will always be around.

If ladies post sexy avatars, along with sexy user names like naked------, I wont print the rest, then expect and accept the results.

I am proud to say, I run a adult only group that is 90pc men,approx and without exception, everyone of them is correct towards me and my lady members. I police my group and any lady member can call on me any time if necessary.

What we cant prevent is juniors falsly joining any more than we can stop them looking at porn. I have a stipulation that all applicants state their age, it may stop some but not all. 

So ladies, dont live with your head in a cloud, Toughen up, block the perves and report them.