World Open, Rounds 5 and 6

Jul 6, 2015, 9:36 PM |

I took a bye in round 4, not because of a need to recover from two losses, but because I had planned it that way. Last year I was completely exhausted after playing 9 games in 5 days, so this year I decided I would play 7 games in 6 days.

In round 5, my opponent was a young woman probably from Belarus, judging by her first name. I believe I played against more women in this tournament than in all my previous tournaments together. The positive trend is noticeable, more women are playing competitive chess than ever before. Continental Chess Association probably deserves some credit for coming up with their "mixed doubles" prizes, which surely attract more women to play in their tournaments.

My 6th round opponent was the only one older than me. (All the rest were younger than half my age.) The game was a quick draw, but not without a fight. First I was better, then he was better, and when he offered a draw, I had a long conversation in my head, the Rational Me convincing the Impulsive Me that no, I was no longer in the position to play for a win.

So I was at 50% on July 4 and would take a bye for beer and fireworks that evening, which would keep me at 50% going into the last day. I could still end up having a good tournament, a bad one, or something in between...