Chess in Immingham

Aug 11, 2011, 5:29 AM |

I thought I'd write an update on the new club which has just started in Immingham in N E Lincs.  We only have a few regulars at the moment and would dearly like some more interested people. 

 If you have always wanted to play the game but never got round  it, now's your opportunity!  I remember playing my Dad and getting beaten every time but eventually we played enough for me to win a few games here and there!

We're a friendly bunch and are just playing for fun at the moment but who knows maybe in the future the membership will hopefully grow and those who want to take it further would be encouraged to do so. 

We haven't a particular plan at the moment but with more people putting their input in there could be lots of ideas come forward.  We just play each other or  try to solve puzzles which our members have found. 

I'd like to see some openings played through, because I for one play according to the moves rather than memorise every one.  I think it would be beneficial to understand the theory behind a particular opening and what are the strengths and weaknesses of some of the more popular ones.  I know these things can be found on the Net but it would be fun to have someone who knows the openings and hand on their knowledge to others. 

Anyway that's it for now. See you, I hope on Thursday nights at about 6-30pm  at the Resources centre Immingham.

Bye for now