New Chess Club

Jul 31, 2011, 8:53 AM |

There is a new chess club which has just started up in Immingham in N E Lincs. U K.  All are welcome, from beginners to more experienced players.

We meet every Thursday at the Immingham Resources centre in the town from 6-30pm until about 8-30pm or so depending on when the games finish or until the tea runs out!  There is a small charge for the refreshments of £1-50. 

Our aim at the moment is to just have some pratice playing and learning from each other, but perhaps as the club grows maybe we will think about forming a team which would  play other chess clubs in the area.  It is early days yet so we just need a few more members to join us in our love  of the 'ultimate war game'.  Well that's about it for a start, hope to see some of you soon.