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I've been playing chess for a long time but I'm still inexperienced and have a lack of knowledge.

Dec 2, 2007, 5:18 PM 1
   I have been playing chess since I was about 10 years old but so infrequent that all that time really doesn't count.  I should have read more books and played some really good opponents but I didn't.  I wish I could have been a member of a local chess club to participate in and have good friends to practice with.  I would recommend anyone interested in becomming a good chess player to first read books and then just practice.  I play against a computer program called "Chess Titans" now, and if I set the computer at level 10, the animal always wins no matter how much I am paying attention.  I think it has a lot to do with my openings and whether or not I am willing to sacrifice certain key pieces to obtain control over the center of board and how I develop a sequence of moves to take advantage of the opponent's positioning.  It is my oppinion that a good player will look several plays down the road and take into consideration the whole chess board and not just a few major pieces.  The pawns have such a key role in setting up tactics that even the smaller pieces cannot be ignored.  Life is similar to but not at all limited to a microcosm of the chess board.  If a person looks with a narrow view at life and only sees a chessboard, they will always lose.  Will, has a lot to do with life and as a follow up I will say that chess is similar to life.  If you play me in chess I will seldom just resign because simply as a result of playing in this "Chess.com" program I recently discovered that you may earn advantage numbers or ranking score by at least about 30 points for not giving up, even if you have only one piece left, the king, because only recently I got those 30 points by getting a stalemate and preventing the opponent from winning a sure checkmate and with numerous pieces.  So you see, it is never smart to just give up, even in chess.        

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