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Dec 18, 2009, 12:40 AM 0

I feel its time we get to now were we are weak at and look forward towards improving it.Do you have a theoretical openning that you feel is best for you and many a times when you try ,it it slips in to another that you fail to control the game?this gives your opponent an added advantage especialy if you are playing  with white.growing in chess needs handling one thing at a time.first of all, continuos playing and having a memory of the game you are trying to work on is important.in chess.com, we've got an added advantage in that you can submit your game it gets annalized.this is a golded opotunity to work on your weakness.try to practice with the analized game following it from the beginning.it is orbvious that at some point it will slip in to something else .with time you will realize that the mistakes you make ultimately reduce.note that that which you thing you are best in, is were you make many mistakes and blunders.try it every game has it's strength and weakness but having the ability to make the best move in a situation is what will pull you to the top.merry chrismas and an industrious 2010.

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