Chess online vs. live

Sep 12, 2007, 6:39 PM |

So, I love playing chess online, but I love playing chess live more!!! 

I think that online chess and live chess are different games.  Here's why...

In online chess, you have many hours if not days to think about any particular move, which can either help your game play, or (less likely) hurt your game play!  Your opponent in online chess is not as much of a factor as in real life, which makes it easier to play the board and not the man.

In live chess (in the presence of your opponent) the game is more about playing your opponent than the board.  When you are playing a living human being, you can tell when they are not sure of a move and take advantage of that.  Intimidation can be a huge factor in a live chess game.  For example, I would have a better chance of playing Garry Kasparov online than in person, because he would be very intimidating to me. 

In conclusion, I think chess is a game that takes a lot of confidence whether online or in the real world!!