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Chess and the Kama Sutra

Chess and the Kama Sutra

Dec 2, 2011, 9:45 AM 0

This is a work in progress, Im writing in the middle of a hectic week.

In the Kama Sutra it states that a man or woman, though the Kama Sutra was mostly for training men, should be well versed in 64 arts.  " A man who is versed in these arts, who is loquacious and aquainted with the arts of gallantry, gains very soon the hearts of women." - Taken from an English Translation.  Most of the ones in the Kama Sutra are not relevant or even legal today, however there are some that can be broken down into 8 categories.  Amoung those 8 are games and the ability to play them.  This is were chess comes in,  during those times backgammon would have been played more commonly.  There is no more gentlemanly game then chess, at least not one i can think of. 

Playing chess is probably to most important part of the art of game.  It is played universily, and has a depth no other game can match, besides dungeons and dragons.  Also learning to play chess first developes a sense of strategy that will translate into other games. To consider yourself well versed in the art of game doesn't mean mastery of any one game, but it entails knowing many different games and having a decent level of aptitude so to be able to entertain guests.  This principle is what drew me to learn to play chess.

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