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Inner West Swiss - Round 4

Inner West Swiss - Round 4

Sep 4, 2015, 6:16 AM 0

This blog follows my quest for an official FIDE rating.

My second win on the trot!

Still elated from my victory 6 days prior, I face yet another unrated opponent in round 4 at the Sydney Chess Club. This is perhaps the first game where I had a good idea of what opening to expect as I played Bevan a few months earlier in a casual 10 minute game. That was a French Tarrasch and despite losing on time I achieved quite a good position out of the opening and felt I had the better of it throughout the middlegame. Here though, he deviated with 7...f6 and my poor response (8.f4?!) is immediately punished! I do have some compensation for the two lost pawns but it's probably not enough...


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