Japanese chess Board & Photo live of Habu Yoshiharu vs Kimura Kazuki

Sep 29, 2008, 5:51 PM |

Today is the day for the 3rd game of 56th Oui-sen between Ouza Habu and Challenger Kimura(8 dan). Habu is Sente in this game. The game started at 9:00am in Japan. The venue of the play is at Ryugon in Niigata prefecture. You can watch and replay the game through the following pages;

Kifu for Flash | Kifu for Java

Frequently-updated-photo of both players every 30 seconds(Upper = Ouza Habu)

Frequently-updated-photo of Habu & Kimura

Toppage of Ouza-sen broadcasting site(in Japanese)

The thinking time per player is 5 hours and less than 60 seconds per move after consuming it. It will end in the evening today.