GM Nielsen vs Meijin Habu(Chess) ニールセン対羽生

Nov 7, 2014, 10:10 AM |


A exhibition chess match between GM Peter Nielsen and Shogi(Japanese chess) Meijin Yoshiharu Habu will take place and go public for viewers on December 7 as a program of the 6th International Shogi Forum to be held on December 6 & 7 in Shizuoka City. If you are interested, you would like to go to the venue of Granship Shizuoka. The website of the venue can be found here in English at . However, the access information does not seem to be available in English. Please refer to one in Japanese(Sorry!) at According to the information I got from the Japan Shogi Association until todday, the match will start at 1:00pm(JST). It's free. The schedule of the start time of the match may change depending on Peter's performance in the shogi tournament on December 6 and 7. If he does good in the shogi tournament, the start of the game is highly likely to be changed.

12月6日ー7日に日本将棋連盟と、第6回国際将棋フォーラム実行員会が主催する第6回国際将棋フォーラムの7日のプログラムに、将棋の名人の羽生善治と GM の Peter Heine Nielsen のエキシビジョンチェス対局が組まれています。対局は1時からで解説はピノー・ジャックさんと将棋の佐藤康光件の予定。ご覧になりたい方は、静岡市のグランシップ静岡に当日お越し下さい。入場無料。もし、ピーターが6日から始まる国際トーナメントで勝ち進んだら、チェスの対局の開始時間が変更になる可能性があります。