My twitter entries about the shogi game of 7th game of 58th Osho-sen

Mar 26, 2009, 9:40 PM |

Here are the duplicate of my twitter entries about the 7th game of 58th Osho-sen played on March 25 & 26. They are put in descending order. The game itself can be replayable here.

Osho Habu vs Oui Fukaura - 7th game of 58th Osho-sen(Sete=Fukaura, Won by Habu)

  1. After 110. ;R-7h, Mate exists such as (1)K-6f G*7f K-5e S*5d K-6d G-7c or (2)K-6f G*7f K-6e Gx7e K-6d G-7c K-5e S*5d
  2. 110. +R-7h, After this move, Fukaura resigned the game. Habu defended Ohso title. Congratulation.
  3. 102. N*5f, Sacrificing kNight drop with threatmate of +R-6h.
  4. 101. +B-6e, threaten to take promoted Rook on 3h. hmmn.
  5. 100. K-4a, it's beyond my prediction. Hmmn.
  6. 99. K-6i, No mate for Fukaura's King. But...
  7. 98. +R-3h, check. Habu did not take the promoted Bishop.
  8. 97. +Bx5d, If Gote takes it, then mate exists to begin with Bx6b+. But this move is not threatmate.
  9. 96. Kx5b, Can Fukaura keep attacking?
  10. 93. S*5b, It seems like Fukaura's final attack before resignation.
  11. 92. +Rx3g, Natural move to take Silver.
  12. At this position, What's pity for Fukaura is that he can drop a pawn only in the 2nd file. So he has no effective attack using pawn drop.
  13. 91. Gx7g, Fukaura gave up defending the Silver on 3g.
  14. I'm sure Habu' is defending Osho-title soon. Boardlive is here.
  15. Sente seems to have to drop Silver on 4h. If S3g-4h instead, then Rx3f would be a decisive move to threaten to take Bishop on 3e.
  16. 90. +R-3i, Threatens to take Silver on 3g escaping from the promoted Bishop on 6e.
  17. 89. P-4f, Opening King's escaping path and threatens to take promoted Rook on 2i.
  18. 87. +Bx6e, Taking Silver on 6e. But the location of this promoted Bishop is not good in this position.
  19. 86. P*7f, Threaten to take the SIlver on 7g, If Silver goes back to 6h, then N*6f is waiting.
  20. They say Habu is in the winning position.
  21. Another candidate of 86th move is 86. P*7f.
  22. 85. Nx6d, Accoding to the press room, P*3d will be a good move to kill the Bishop on 3e while Gote will lose Silver on 6e.
  23. If it is Gote's turn, N*6f seems very strong. If it goes like Px6f Nx6f Sx6f Sx6f, then Sente's King seems to have no defense.
  24. 84. G5b-6b, Adding the connection to the kNight on 6a. Early Gold escape from Nx6d as well.
  25. 83. +B-8c Threaten to take kNight on 6a.
  26. 82. N*6a, threatened to take the promoted Bishop on 7c and blocking Rook's horizontal line.
  27. 81. N-5f, The kNight dropped for defense earlier is participating in offense.
  28. 79. P*2c, Fukaura dropped a sacrificing pawn ahead of the Silver on 2b to weaken Gote's castle.
  29. 78. S7d-6e, Habu let the Silver escape. If Sente's next move is Bx5c+(!!), then G3b-4b will be a good and only defense.
  30. Photos of afternoon stack, Upper for Habu, Lower for Fukaura.
  31. 77 +B-7c, Fukaura did not take the Silver on 7d but priotize activating the promoted Bishop.
  32. 74. N*5d, It's to take Bihsop on 4f in check. If Sente moves it to 3e, then 72. G*5b protected the square of 5c in advance.
  33. 73. B-7b+ Looks like a natural move.
  34. 72. G*5b, The first move after lunch break. Nobody could predict it. Everybody thought about N*5b.
  35. 71. B*6c, CHeck. Uh-huh. He made a check before defending threatmate.
  36. If Fukaura's king is not in threatmate, 71. B*6b will be a dicisive move. But he have to make a defensive move for the 71st move.
  37. 70. +Rx2i, This is a threatmate such as G*5i K-6h G-6i K-5h +R-5i.
  38. 67. G-2h, Forking Rook and promoted Bishop. 65. B-4f turned out to have another intention.
  39. 66. P-6d, Blocked Bishop's diagonal line to Silve on 7c again with this pawn advancement.
  40. 65. B-4f, Fukaura moved his Bishop to the good location to threaten to take Silve on 7c after it was blocked by the Pawn on 3c.
  41. Photos of Morning snack for Habu(Upper) and for Fukaura(Lower).
  42. 62. P*3c, Habu blocked the diagonal line of Bishop on 2d toward 5a. This prevented mating line such as Nx6b+ Gx6b R*5a.
  43. 59. N*7d, This has the intention of Nx6b+ Gx6b R*5a(mate).
  44. 56. B*3h, Habu's choice was Bishop forking  drop. The game seems going to be a straight-forwarded samurai sword fight.
  45. Video of opening the envelope of the sealed move is here.
  46. 55. Sx3g, Still Habu's Rook on 2d is threatened to be taken. What's next move? B*3h forking Rook on 2i and Gold on 2g or R-4d is predicted.
  47. 52. P-2g+(!). Habu neglected Fukaura's last move of B*4f which is forking Rook and Lance.
  48. 51. B*4f, Fukaura's sealed move was B*4f which forks Rook on 2d and Lance on 9a.
  49. Day 2 of the 7th game of Osho-sen(shogi title match) started. Fukaura vs Habu.
  50. Many people predicted Fukaura's seald move is B*4f. Other candidate is N*1f according to Chuza 7 dan.
  51. Day 1 ended with 50 moves. The 50th move was N-2e. Fukaura sealed the 51st move.
  52. Back home. Watching again the 7th game of 58th Osho-sen.(Shogi). Habu vs Fukaura.
  53. I'm going to off the Net soon. I'll come back tonight. The 7th game isin lunch break.
  54. 32. P-1d, This position has 78 precidents reportedly with 39 wins and losses!! Oh, it's an even position.
  55. Photos of Tendo where the game is being played.
  56. Photos of Morning snacks served to the both players.
  57. 28. P-7d, 29.P-3f, Both prepared for activating their right kNights.
  58. Gote's castle is called Nakahara-gakoi. It's very flexible and can stand for Rook drop. So Gote can sacrifice his Rook easily.
  59. 25. G-3h, The position at the 25th move of this game is won by Gote at .549 reportedly. Why Fukaura chose this?
  60. 23. K-5h, Fukaura chose Nakazumai-gyoku(King on 5h) instead of New-Yamazaki-ryu which is the formation of K-5i, S-4h, P-3f and N-3g.
  61. 20. R-8e, Habu's choice was R-8e instead of R-8d. R-8e is called Chuza-Bisha(Chuza's Rook, Chuze is 7 dan player who often adopt this.)
  62. 19. P*8g, Habu must pull his Rook back to somewhere in the next move.
  63. So, R-8e is a newer opening.
  64. R-8d has been invented by Naito since 1960's as aerial fight(Kuchu-sen). R-8e has been named Chuza-bisha since 1990's.
  65. 16. Habu's choice was B-3c. Then next branch is where he will pull back his Rook, 8e or 8d.
  66. What's habu's 16th move? B-3c is most the usual. N-3c and Bx8h+ are seldom here in the professional games.
  67. 15. Rx3d, Fukaura took the Pawn on 3d which is called Yokofutori(Side Pawn).
  68. I'm writing my comments and impressions about the Shogi game between Habu & Fukaura.
  69. 11. Rx2d, Fukaura traded his Rook pawn. So would Habu soon.
  70. 8. P-8e, Both advanced their Rook pawn twice. Yokofutori instead of Itteson-Kakugawari?
  71. Sorry, the last entry was wrong. Fukaura advanced his Rook pawn to 2e at the 5th move actually.
  72. 7. G-7h, Fukaura reserved advancing Rook pawn to 2e. It keeps the possibility for his right kNight to jump to 2e in the middlegame.
  73. Itteson-Kakugawari is Bishop exchange from Gote with one tempo delay.
  74. 4. G-3b, Habu's choice was G-3b. This showed he would take Ibisha(static Rook). I think it is going to Itteson-Kakugawari.
  75. That's why P-5d or B-3c are increasing as the 4th move. They are often adopted by Furibisha players recently.
  76. One of the recent topics is the number of P-4d at the 4th move is reducing since the winning percentage is low.
  77. This is the first branch to choose an opening.
  78. 3. P-2f. Bingo!! Fukaura showed he would choose Ibisha(static Rook) with this move. Habu's response would be B-3c, P-5d, P-8d, P-4d or G-3b.
  79. I guess Fukaura's 3rd move will be P-2f.
  80. The third and fourth move are important to decide what opening they will choose.
  81. 2. P-3d, Both opened their Bishops' path.
  82. As a resurt of Furigoma(5 pawn toss), Fukaura became Sente player. The winner will be the next Osho holder. It will end tomorrow evening.
  83. 7th game of 58th Osho-sen, Habu vs Fukaura started just now.