The title of NARUTO Shippuuden #77 is a name of Japanese chess strategy

Sep 27, 2008, 9:31 AM |

The Episode #77 of NARUTO Shippuuden aired in Japan last Thursday. Its title name was "Climbing Silver" which means 棒銀(Bogin) in Japanese. Bogin is one of the popular strategies in shogi. The episode includes approximately three minute shogi scene between Asuma and Shikamaru which forms a metaphor for the climax scene to be expected in the next episode. Shikamaru adopts Bogin in his first shogi game with Asuma with talking about sacrifice.

Here are some links regarding "Climbing Silver".

  • Shogi@Wikipedia - Many common opening attacks involve advancing a silver, and ideally a pawn, along a file protected by the rook. This is the climbing silver attack.
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