Playing an Expert

Oct 15, 2012, 1:13 PM |

Hello guys!!

There was a tournament this past weekend in my town, Midwest Class Chess Tournament. I went just to observe the games of my friends. If I had played, I would have been in Class B since my rating is about 1700 USCF. Anyways. Yesterday, one of the players from the expert section didn't have an opponent for some reason and the tournament directors were looking for someone to play a game. I was like hey, why not. I get to play a strong opponent and I might see how I fare against a strong opponent. So, I volunteered. The game was rated, standard timings 90 mins for first 30 moves and 1 hour after that for the rest of the game and even though the result of the game would have no effect on the tournament, I still was very excited about this game. Here is the game. I was white after I won the toss.

I was very excited towards the end of this game. I think this game is probably one of the best games that I have played. Let me know what you guys think! Please comment!