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Apr 26, 2008, 10:07 AM 2
               There are people being punished and imprisoned for many years or maybe for life long. But they do have supporters to set them free by filing a case in the court or something. But what about the animals who are being illtreated by humans like us who fiercely wack them with sum dangerous objects like the hunter? They cannot go to a court & file a case against us or nor can they have any support from anyone but their ownselves. These animals are helpless, so why can't we understand their feelings and offer them a helping hand by ending this ......We humans do not understand the need of the animals unless they are extinct. So why should we wait for them to reduce in number? The government of each place is looking forward to prevent the reduction of animals, but people on the other side are still not aware of this tremendous fall in the number. So from now onwards lets all get together and start working on the extinction of animals.

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