the immortal blog post


Here's a useful place to find some of the immortal games, and a few other famous brilliancies. If you know of any others, tell me and I'll edit them in. Enjoy.


the immortal game;


Night at the opera;


The Evergreen Game;


The Game of the Century;


Fischer's Immortal;


The immortal Zugswang game;


Rubinstein's Immortal( my favourite);


Marshall's Immortal;


Nezhemtdinov's Immortal;


Zuketort's Immortal;


The Ukraine Immortal( a sweet miniature);


The Dutch Evergreen;


Kasparov's Immortal( a.k.a the real game of the century);


Spassky's Immortal;


The other Immortal Zugzwang;


added by request of gambitknight;
Tal's immortal( or 'the dubious piece sacrifice immortal' :p)
The defensive Immortal