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Boomerang chess - Part Two

Boomerang chess - Part Two

Jan 11, 2014, 9:34 AM 0

If you like my first blog about homecoming, about power of return, maybe you will recognize the second one as well.

My second game was played in Poprad against LS Poprad "A", superior team of us, on Sunday 8th of December. Usually a date is not very important, but this one I am going to remember for a long time.

Honestly, it is because the game learn me much. Almost everybody do not take losses, especially in winning positions. Neither me not. But sometimes, when your thinking is changed because of loss, then it can be useful.

That had happened. First league loss in match, where I was better almost all way long and had incredible chances to celebrate. So why I did not win? Simple. My mind was set up as a draw and i stayed on that level without fighting for a success. And what is more, I offered draw, which now I have learned it is better to not offer.

One my good friend says, "Everything  is only just inside your head". Stop worrying. You can go from horrible end to seven heaven. Fortunately, he is absolutely right.


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