My Anniversary With Chess

Feb 25, 2008, 9:06 PM |

Well it's been 2 whole months of bliss. There's been good times and bad times, but I love chess even more today than ever before.

What a great Christmas present it was to play my first game of chess with a friend. How appropriate it was, when on Valentines Day my package from arrived in the mail, containing my first chess set.

When I was in school I remember a question that we were told to contemplate when we found ourselves in the midst of strong emotions...'Is it love? Or infatuation?' It's become clear that in my case it's a deep obsessive type love.  Hopefully not a harmful, dangerous type love, but only time will tell.

So I thought I'd mark this little occasion with my first 'blog' ever. I've just started on this journey with chess and I can see already that it will be bumpy, but I couldn't be more happy trying to figure it all out. Here's hoping that it goes well.

Cheers chess!