The Legendary King's Gambit

Dec 11, 2010, 6:41 PM |
"King's Gambit Opening" is an opening accostumed for the white to play.
Ordinary chessplayers doesn't know how powerful this opening is.
But for GMs,they know all the factors that made it a legend:
1.Rapid developement of chess pieces
2.When the both king castles in the king's side,white's rook would be free to attack the king's castle.
Things to remember in using this opening:
1.Never forget positioning your horse or else black's queen could attack your king.If this happens,your defeat is assured.
2.Always remember the weakest pawn.
Always remember to target it.
Once black castles in the king side,there is a 70% chance for white to win,since most of the officials are positioned to attack directly to the castle.In addition,rook is also open to attack the base.
3.Always find the best move.Avoid simplifying.Your greatest advantage in this opening is your positioning.But once the black has managed to remove your officials,you will no longer have the advantage.
That is all infos I could give.
Study this opening deeper and master it so you can have the trump card of winning against the bests chess players.