to chat or not to chat ...

Aug 15, 2010, 8:45 AM |


teddycarebears: hello and goood luck !

teddycarebears: very hard position with chances for both sides ... shall we call it a draw or shall we play it till the end ?


and then all off a sudden ...

42. ... Kf6

Milosavac: I know you next move

teddycarebears: yeah but it's still a draw ...

Milosavac: yes but I have opinion that you using chess help and I will abbuse reported this game

teddycarebears: :) funny to say that but I bet they will not condamn me for using the Analyze button :)

Milosavac: yes but diferent rating betwen us is 250

teddycarebears: so ... ?

Milosavac: if I am not in right I am sorry after control

Milosavac: My experience with Romanian player is very bad

teddycarebears: I had 1800 rating but I lost against players with 1400 rating in the last weeks ... they had lower rating because they started to play this year ;) ... I started to play daily 3 months ago ... probably my rating would have been higher if I played daily

teddycarebears: from last year

teddycarebears: as for your experience with Romanian players I honestly don't care ....

teddycarebears: if you have something against others go ahead and report them ... if you don't want to lose a game just play alone with computer here on on easy mode and you will always be happy

Milosavac: Thanks for the tip, I will now stop the game

Milosavac: We will see after abbuse report

Milosavac: when I will sorry or win

teddycarebears: if you don't move you will lose the game ... and you will lose it anyway cause you did 3 mistakes in this game while I did only 1

teddycarebears: nevertheless noone from team members of this site could explain move 29.Kf2 when I almost lost it :)

Milosavac: of course i know but I have 3 days for move

teddycarebears: if you don't know how to accept a defeat and all you care are the points imho you are very far away from the spirit of chess

teddycarebears: you probably expect that the support team of the site to help you win games ?

teddycarebears: :)) lol ... and you seemed to be a very serious opponent ... sorry , my mistake !

teddycarebears: trust me ... nobody could explain you why you are not able to baet me while last week someone with 1400 rating managed to do it ;)

teddycarebears: Tournament Game SaumilPatel1 (1487) teddycarebears (1743) 1-0 (lost) 2 days 50 8/08/2010 view

teddycarebears: teddycarebears (1744) Huangster (2053) 0-1 (lost) 3 days 29 8/08/2010 view

teddycarebears: huangster is 2053 points and he won

teddycarebears: what do you think ? he used a very good software to win or just because he has a higher rating it is normal to win ??? :)))

Milosavac: I want fair play game and you challange me in live room always

Milosavac: see my opponent Addictedofches

Milosavac: He also talking that stories

teddycarebears: my friend are you dreaming ? ... I challenge you always ??? ... hahahaha !!! ... stop thinking you are so important ... I did not challenge you before this game

teddycarebears: if you want a fair play game then I suggest you act fair play cause in this moment you kindof spoiled the fair play of this chess game

teddycarebears: now you are just so fair play because you waste time :)))

Milosavac: ok but my right that I thinking 3 days for oves

teddycarebears: :)) when you saw that you are losing you switched from 10 moves an hour to one move in 3 days ... I love your fair play !!!

Milosavac: but it is my right and i not using other chess software never.

teddycarebears: hahaha ... my friend ... you start accusing me of using chess software and now you are defending saying you never use chess software ... could you stop thinking at chess software for at least a moment in your life time and play chess on your own ?!?!?

Milosavac: Why are you so angry and defend if a clean conscience?

teddycarebears: :))) what am I defending ??? you accuse me and defend yourself ... there is no room for me to think at chess because you are thinking only at software :)) ... yes, I use Analyze button right here in this page ... can you see it ???