Next WC : Anand v/s. Gelfand - 2012

Jul 17, 2011, 9:48 AM |

Hi all,

Who do u think will take the crown in 2012 ....Vishy Anand or the foxy Boris Gelfand ?

Almost all feel it is going to be a cake walk for Vishy Anand.....But just remember, Gelfand has beaten Kamasky (whom i consider the best even ahead of Kramnik amongst today's active GM's). Gelfand also had a few surprise openings in the he shall be preparing for the BIG BATTLE !!!

My heart says its going to be Anand, but head stays & says with Gelfand !!!!

P.S - Anand has been blessed with a baby boy in April'11 & so his preparation shall definately get distracted with the new addition in the family.