A 21st Century Marvel!

GM thamizhan
Aug 12, 2009, 3:28 PM |

It has been a while since I blogged, it is probably because I am busy training a lot of chess and playing many tournaments, Naahhhh.... It is because I am just lazy! I have realized my passion for writing or to be precise, express myself. There have been several incidents in the past couple of months that have made me think about writing, but something spectacular happened a week ago that made me realize I cannot afford to skip this one from sharing with people.


I have been playing tournaments continuously for the last couple of months. Last week I was playing a tournament in Badalona, Spain and the tournament went pretty good overall. I ended up 3rd and gained a few rating points. There was this one game, to be more specific, one move that kept me thinking over and over about a lot of things. Sometimes a recurring pattern goes unnoticed until something glaringly hits you in your head and wakes you up. This incident made me feel that way. It will be easy to understand that once you take a look at the game.



At times in life we do some crazy things and we keep thinking over and over again about what is it that triggered us to say or do something that we did. Well, chess is just a mini version of life as I have always believed and a move, just one move has made me pondering over what is it that makes me “me” over a chess board.


When the game was over, my opponent, my friends and probably other spectators were all totally awestruck. I had no words for my opponent, I just shook my head and said he was just unlucky and had a bad day, but he just could not believe what had happened.


In the end I know what you guys are thinking and the answer to that question is a big fat NO. You cannot strip off the GM tittle from a player for playing such a move!