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Chess.com TV - YGA by GM Magesh - May 8th, 2013

Chess.com TV - YGA by GM Magesh - May 8th, 2013

May 15, 2013, 9:05 PM 0

Dear Chess.com TV Viewers, 

         I started this weeks YGA just a couple of hours before I started playing the Metropolitan Chess Closed GM tournament. Since I had to do this one using the internet connection in a hotel, there were some issues of lag and disconnection. However, thanks to all the viewers as you guys were very patient and still made the show possible!

Romanic answered the puzzle this week. Unfortunately I don't remember the exact puzze this week, but if someone from the show remembers it, you are welcome to post it in the comment section. I certainly hope Romanic would remember it :)

Anyways, here we analyzed the following game, here are the annotations from the show


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