How to arrange board for a Chess960 game in your home(Without using any electronic device)-Explained



I think everyone who reads this knows about chess 960, if not see here: http://Chess960.


In Chess960, the board is arranged randomly. So when playing without using computers. You should think of a way to arrange pieces randomly. Well I will explain here.

You need:

1.A chess board.

2. 32 pieces.

3. A die(used in playing board games)

How to arrange board:

First all the pawns are arranged. Then pieces are chosen randomly for each file.

First take the A file and throw dice. If it is 1-Rook, 2-Knight, 3-Bishop, 4-Queen, 5and 6-throw again. Since you can't have a king on a-file. Dont include it. Then go for b-file. Here is an example:

1. Throw dice for a file. It comes 1. Then it means rook. Place white and black rook on a file.

2. Throw now again. Possible pieces on b-file are 1-Knight, 2-Bishop, 3-Queen, 4-King, 5&6-throw again. After a couple of 5s, it came 2. It means a bishop.

3.Throw again. Possible pieces on c-file are 1-Knight, 2-Bishop, 3-Queen, 4-King. If you wish you can also include 5&6. 5-Knight, 6-Bishop.It came 4. Then king comes to c1 and c8.

4.Here 1-Knight, 2- Queen, 3-Rook, 4-Knight, 5-Queen, 6-Rook. 4 and knight on d file

5.Throw again. Now Bishop and king are not possible. So 1-Knight, 2- Queen, 3-Rook, 4-Knight, 5-Queen, 6-Rook. It was 5. So queen comes to e1 and e8.

6.Now 1-knight, 2-bishop, 3-rook, 4-n, 5-B, 6-R. It's 1. And knight on f file.

7. Now rook and bishop are left. If Rook comes on g file and bishop comes on h file. Both bishops will be on same coloured squares. So bishop on h file and rook on g file.







Hope this helps.