Forever The Same

May 26, 2015, 5:35 PM |

The Sicilian Wing Gambit:- Positional Advantage and Converting It

My previous Art of Falling Apart titles were borrowed from the album of the same name, as its by one of my favorite all time artists - Soft Cell / Marc Almond.   Today I look to track 1 of that album for the title.   Forever the same !!! 

Today I played an over the board match v another club member in our clubs internal competition.  Time controls were 1:15 for 35 moves then back 0:30 to complete.  Today time was never an issue,  we both finished with time to spare.  I used about 50 minutes, my opponent had about 20 minutes left on his clock at the end.  

I played with a plan (several),  and once again listened to the board (as recomended by Jeremy Silman).  So I have @GM Simon Williams and Jeremy Silman to thank in part for this victory.

However the victory did not come without some issues, and as per the title, although this time I did not fall apart the endgame issues were "forever the same" as my previous themes.

I was aided by my opponent making a blunder in the endgame,  and this game has confirmed that I need to do a lot more work on the endgame.  

Again I have included my over the board thought process in the annotation which is why I am writing it tonight whilst it is fresh in my mind.

I am not looking for the perfect win.  At the end of the day a win is a win whether it takes grinding down your opponent or a wonderful 20 move forced combination.  But I do want to make wins more comfortable when converting an advantage.

Your comments and recomendations on the game and / or my thought process  and / or an endgame course are once again welcomed.