How I came to play Chess (Part 1)

May 24, 2015, 2:49 AM |

When I was very young, I had a friend Carl, who lived near my Grandma. I was so young that for many years now I have not been able to remember his surname.  Carl and I used to play chess when I visited Grandma.  

When I was five we moved away from the area, and to the other end of the Country,  to a place in Essex.  As my sixth Birthday approached (42 years ago !!) I decided what I wanted... A chess set like Carls.

The day came,  no chess set was amongst the small pile of presents that I had :(.  But now we lived the other side of the Country I had "loads" of money sent to me in cards.

So off I went to the local shopping precinct (Corringham), which had a toy shop in it.  It was the traditional style of toy shop not the self serve superstores you see today.  I asked the assistant for a chess set which was duly served.  

I got home, and opened my new chess set in full anticipation it would be like Carls.  Why I had bought a chess set with nobody to play it with I cannot answer, but I wanted it,  I got it, and I was going to play with it. 

To this day I remember my disappointment when I opened that box.

The game I had purchased was full of funny shaped pieces,  one looked like a horse and another a castle !!! 

You see, today I know that the game I was playing with Carl was draughts (Checkers),  but back then to me it was called chess.