So why the blog ?

May 24, 2015, 3:59 AM |

The purpose of the previous two posts is simply background,  how I got to where I am.  The reason I am doing this is not simply to share anicdotes with people who play chess, but in this new age of computers and understanding to develop my game. 

My stats will show you that I have played thousands of games on this site alone, yet my grading has not moved accordingly.

Simply playing games, has helped me in one way... Its helped me develop bad habits... Poor practices.

I suppose if you look at it closely it is the modern day equivalent of my reading books that were really too advanced for me.   One danger for players who play chess online (especially younger ones) is the ease of clicking the "new game" button and moving on to the next, taking your bad habit or lack of understanding with you.  Just like I simply moved on to the next book without truly understanding the previous one.

After a twenty odd year absence,  I have recently gone back to over the board chess at my local club.  

I have regained the competative edge that you don't really get with online chess.  There is definately a different dimension to the game when you can see the whites of the eyes of the person that you are playing.  And a whole different level to the pain of defeat.  

To that end,  I have decided I am now going to limit my playing of online chess and spend more time studying.  Thats not to say I will not play online chess, merely I aim to play less, and devote the time I am not playing to studying.  The purpose of the blog is to discuss development, study plans, and studies with like minded people.

As a side note,  I have noticed that the more I play online when I am playing I rely on "gut" much more than working things out.  Maybe its the shorter time control (even at 30 minutes a game) or maybe it is the different type of competition (new game - move on) but it definately does not help tecnique if you overplay as I have been doing. 

It is also here as a record, for me to look back on to monitor my development.  Who says at 48 you can't improve !!! 

So my starting points are 

OTB ... ECF rating 111 (f grade) (standard) 1578 (best ever equivalent of 1732) Tactics... 1469 Mentor 1973 ( the year I started playing !!!) 

Forgeting the online stuff for a minute....

My targets are 

ECF 140 by the January 2016 list (expecting 125 - 130) in August list.... 

ECF 150 by August 2016 list.  

If I achieve this I will be happy !!! 

If you wish you can share my trials and tribulations in attempting these goals in my blog.  Or the blog will simply be my reflections,  a way of recording my learning, my development, and a way of setting goals.