The Art of Falling Apart.

May 24, 2015, 6:48 AM |

Ever heard the expression two steps forward, one step back ?  Or have you ever (like a bishop or a rook) had to go backwards to move forwards. 

Jeremy Silmans wonderful series .... How to Reassess Your Chess, The How to Reassess your chess workbook, and the Amatuer Mind are superb reading for a player who thinks he knows what he is doing to improve.  The trouble is that in improving you are readjusting your thinking, and here in lies the problem.   As you conciously learn to think differently you have to think about your thinking.  Your approach to the game changes and it can affect your results. 

Now that is not a criticism,  in the long run, as the thinking becomes subconcious I am sure results will improve.  I am happy with my chess at the moment.  Yes I have the odd nightmare game (don't we all) but these are mainly towards the end of a long session of many internet NEXT(new game) style games and luckily not in otb chess.  

During this adjusting my thinking process,  I have found myself in a few superb positions,  games that I should have won.  In this case a bit of complacency kicked in.  But it kicked in during a bit of time trouble as my playing has slowed down during the ajustment process.  

The books are brilliant Mr Silman...The pain is much !!!