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The Art of Falling Apart 2

May 25, 2015, 3:55 AM 2
Though there were no clear cut winning opportunites for me in this game, I think it is yet another example of finding myself in a great position then not able to convert it to the win.  
For those that do not know, I am currently working through Silman's how to reassess your chess and finding it extremely beneficial.  I am trying to stick to the principles as I understand them, and am currently playing a lot of games where I am hitting time trouble either because I am overthinking the position or readjusting my thinking process to try to improve my game. 
In the example I give,  I had played the same opponent previously, and sat at 2-0 against him.  He is slightly lower rated, but yesterday he beat me 2-0 (similar circumstances both times... me having a good position but time trouble, he with plenty of time to play with. (30 minute (each) time control) to make it 2-2 all time score.
I have analysed the game mostly without the aid of computer analysis but have quickly done a bit of Kibutzing on what I see as vital points of the game.   (I want to make myself think during the analysis process).   
Any constructive opinions regarding my thought process during the game would be welcomed.  

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