The Art of Falling Apart 2 Part 2

May 25, 2015, 7:06 AM |

This instalment revolves around what I believe to be the critical position in the game described in my previous blog post.  After White has played 25) Bxh6. 

I have chosen to analyse this position "manually" in the style of Jeremy Silman in how to reassess your chess.  (I am not saying as accurately).  While I do this the position is Kibutzing on Tarrasch in the background.  

What I am trying to achieve is

1)  I want to demonstrated an understanding of the position... (feel free to add your comments) 

2) I want to see if I can come up with a workable plan that should with correct play get me the win. 

3) I want to compare my result with the computer analysis.



White has additional material (h pawn)

White has his LSB and Rook (a1) entombed in the corner so Black has more active material 

Black has heavy pieces (rooks and queens) available to contest the open e file, with the current activity black has only one rook and a queen.

Whites taking of the h pawn has given black a half open h file,  can the new additional space be used. 

Immediate threats 

White is threatening to play Bg5 winning the exchange (a point I missed in my previous analysis, and I think white missed during the game)  

Positional factor

If white gets the chance to push the c pawn it could become isolated if he does, and makes no difference to the imprisoned pieces.  

The Plan 

Try to exchange off whites three active pieces leaving myself with two active pieces against whites two imprisoned pieces,  this plan should get easier the more pieces are exchanged.... 25.... Qf8

Tarrasch gives the line (depth 25)

25 .... Bxc4, 26, Bg5 Bd5 27 Rc1 Qf8 28, Bxe7 Qxe7 29 Kf1 Re6, 30, f3 as exactly even.... 

So is my plan wrong,  or is the computer putting to much reliance on material equality... 

Right or wrong with time, the plan I have analysed I would have played with more time over the board...  At least I would have been playing with a plan...  I would value your constructive opinions