Bad Sports -Accused of cheating

Oct 25, 2010, 7:41 AM |

    Had two recent games agaist mousoft which I won .I was pretty proud of that since he is rated around 1650 and I am rated just under 1500 and those two games are my best wins.I know there are alot of people who are better players but it was a personal best for me.So I was pretty happy.Even thanked him for playing against me  as I have decided to play alot of unrated games against better opponents.Apparently this is a good way to improve if you can take the pain of defeat :).Anyway below are his comments before resigning the second game in a bad position.


mousoft: good

mousoft: good you win but with a computer :-)


Now if a person can be banned for cheating, how about banning someone for false accusation of cheating because they made a few mistakes and lost .Or perhaps we can have a sore loser trophy we can send to bad sports.what do other people on think?Of course I have blocked him/her so that I do not have to play a game against them again.