Defeat Nearly Snatched From the Jaws of Victory...

Sep 20, 2010, 4:36 PM |

Had an over the board game with JD today, and despite being a rook to a knight up the cunning bugger managed to fork me in the endgame and go points even. It all ended up with a nasty slog where eventually I queened a pawn one move ahead of him and staggered to the finish. Phew!

Despite that inglorious ending, I was very pleased with a middlegame wheeze that was quite elegant to my not-particularly-expert eye. It went like this:

Maybe this wasn't the best combination - but it worked, in that he elected to play Rb1, allowing me to respond with Bxb5. Of course he ended my fun with Rxb2, but I was able to bring my knight into play, check him and (perhaps unwisely) steal a pawn.

Oh well, I'm perfectly certain I could have played better - my endgame was a cavalcade of blunders (I must continue to concentrate even when I have a definitive advantage, and learn more about rooks) but at the time I found this combination fairly pleasing. Little things please little minds...