A sad game - Never have a chance Zaglul

Aug 6, 2016, 5:24 PM |

Hello there . There are a lot of chess players that are famous. but  even one chess loss can ruin your chess life so here i am going to show you one of the best chess players lose vs one of the worst chess players ever

Jan Foltys the bad and stupid chess player which plays white 

vs Zaglul Basjuni one of the best chess players but a sad player which plays black

well this game is going to tell you when white gives you a checkmate you do not see it coming just like a ninja wedge 

Alright you see i did not show you the last move as the checkmate. White won. Tell me the last move white did to win in the comments
So here one of our worst players turn to one of our best players and the best play turned to the bad player