Crimes on

Aug 17, 2010, 11:34 AM |

What exactly are the Crimes on These are basicly all there are. I have seen about every crime on the list (I did not do any of them) (I haven't seen any hackers yet though). Here they are:


The basic criminals. They spam the forums, blogs ect. saying horrible things about certian members. The falsely accuse and they jump to conclusions. They do anything to ruin a member's pride.

Multiple account users: 

The most minor of offenses. Making more then one account. Play more games? Go undercover? It seems harmless, but chess sites hate it. 


A horrible criminal to be around. They say every bad word imaginable. They say it directly to members too. Chess sites hate bad language, then again so do most people. Don't become one. 


Perhaps the worst criminal. They think they can trick They use chess machines to get high ratings and beat other, fair helpless players. It defeats the whole purpose of chess sites. 


This is the worst crime. Is this crime a myth? Who knows. These members have their revenge by hacking into a players account, resigning all of their games, cursing in public areas and leaving. Then, the real player comes back to find their hard work flushed down the drain. Horrible. 

Multiple Account Spammers:

A mix of two crimes. They make dozens of accounts, spam one and then move to the next one (I just saw one of these today). They do it over and over again until they get tired out.


Bigmouths talk about politics and religion in public areas. They offend members by doing this.

Please do not do any of these crimes. Lets make a great place, lets not trash it up. Avoid these crimes. TBT