Tricks to recruiting Part 1

Tricks to recruiting Part 1

Jul 13, 2010, 3:43 PM |

A lot of people find recruiting difficult and frustrating. But, it does not to be that way. With a few of the old Blindtiger tricks to recruiting, the job is easy!

1: Before you invite a member, check when they were last online

Many of the members on are inactive, or don't choose to log on. Be sure to only invite members that have logged on recently or you will have wasted another invite.

2: Check the member's profile 

Check to see if the member has posted any inappropriate content on their profile. Inviting a bad member is a bad idea.

3: Check to see how many teams they are a member of

Many of the more desirable members of are members of dozens of teams. They won't be very likely to accpet your invite, unless you know them. Make sure they are not a member of too many teams.... 

4: Try to avoid inviting players from live chess   

Many of the live chess members only use live chess. They almost never use correspondence chess and almost never participate in team games and team disscusions. It basically is a waste of an invite.

5: Try to focus on Premium Members

Premium members are less likely to timeout as well as more likely to participate. There is a reason they pay money for chess, because they love it! 


Part 2 coming up soon!!!!!!