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What football does to people

What football does to people

Jul 11, 2010, 6:31 AM 2

It is a shame what soccer/football can do to people. We can get all worked up for nothing or other people make us that way. It is also a shame what people do to teams they don't like. 

  • I had just made a forum celebrating the Spanish victory over Germany when some guy came and posted "Nobody cares! I HATE SPAIN!" in bold letters. Then, with anger I posted "I LOVE SPAIN AND HATE GERMANY! I ALSO LIKE HONDURAS! I REMEMBER THEIR SWISS STING!" (That guy was Swiss). That guy was really worked up and passed that emotion to me. (Yes, I should not have reacted that way).
  • Some guy went into my team notes (Which was for Spain Fans United) and wrote "Come on Holland!". What was the point of this? That group was made for Spanish fans only. This guy could have posted that in the Dutch group, but instead choose to shove it in our faces. (Don't get the impression that it is only the Dutch fans causing trouble. The Spanish ones have done it too).
  • I had just made a forum post to try to get all the Spain fans together in my team when somebody just posts "boooooooooooo!!!!!". This post had nothing to do with this forum topic at all. This post caused me to post "This is one of the reasons why I am not cheering for the Dutch, because their fans are rude and obnoxious". This is a quick assumption that should not have been posted. Just because this guy was rude does not mean the other Dutch fans are rude. Again a negitive force coming from football. These are all examples from me. Now lets look at some others.
  • An Algerian player punched a reporter in the face. What was the point of that? To be humiliated? I belive he had just suffered an American loss which was a negitive force causing another negitive force.
  • An sports writer for ESPN made some comment that the Paraguay players "Should try ice skating instead of soccer". The next few days his mailbox was filled with Paraguay hate letters such as "If I could get my hands on you I would drown you in the lake" or "I want to hang you" and "I will eat you". How evil is that? He didn't even make that bad of a comment. It is horrible what people do. The point of this is, we all get worked up about the World Cup, but we have to remember to control ourselves also. Any negitive force just turns into more negitive force.......

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